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The Beauty of Data

brazilGross_top100_2008to2014_v08_webI’ve always been interested in data and it’s uses but it was only when I saw the TED Talk “The Beauty of Data Visualization” by David here that I was completely sold on the idea.

So I started on own investigations on the current technologies used by the data people and I found this little piece of software called NodeBox, which is a free to use and the node workflow reminded me of Nuke, so I was half way there already. It saves PDFs so you can open the curves in Illustrator to make it pretty (or organize all those little lines), it’s pretty awesome how easy it is to edit there.

But hey, one needs data in order to play with these tools. That’s when I came across the SUPER cool, easy to use and powerful Import.IO. It’s a webcrawler like no other and they have the coolest community and classes all the time. At the same time I had to develop some simple SQLite skills to organize multiple tables, some not from the web, into one beautiful data set of the topic that I love to debate the most: “Why Brazilian cinema can’t move forward”. Thanks to boxofficemojo.com for most of this data! Of course there are many different starting points but mainly it relates to filmmakers not willing to make a movie for profit, but this is another post all together. The result you can see here. (For PDF – 15Mb – here). With data visualization is easy to see that despite the fact that foreign films make a lot of money in this market, the Brazilian counterparts fail even when the look or are sold as a success. The only surprise I had during this research is that I didn’t think it was all that bad. I’ll make a post on a specific genre next time with prices (and less movies) for us to see.